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The Relevancy Group's 
Connected Marketing Framework 4
Connected Marketing Framework 4 are grand unifying concepts that guide the thought leadership of The Relevancy Group.  The Connected Marketing Framework 4 are the four over-arching strategic themes that manifest in tactics for all of the disciplines, channels and ideals that embody Connected Marketing.   

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The four themes of Connected Marketing Framework 4 are:

  1. Become a master of organizational change. Connected Marketing is empowered and optimized by a Connected Company that work together across department and corporate silos. Organizations need to optimize by moving to collaborative organizational model that creates a connected company through the integration of people, processes, channels, data and service providers.  The need to break down silos must be driven by the need for the connected company to accurately measure the marketing effectiveness and value of disparate channels including mobile, social and offline.
  2. Institutionalize testing and revel in interactivity. Social message interaction success empowers the connected company to optimize marketing success across channels and to meet specific corporate goals such as acquisition, retention and engagement.  Whether driven by email, a mobile application, a video or any type of social networking technology, marketers must test when connecting to new and emerging channels and continually striving from optimization across all channels.  Testing must become a normal part of every marketing program across channels.  Direct marketing is one of the only professionals where failure is not only tolerable but also required to optimize results
  3. Reconstruct and create new measures of success.  Connected Marketing relies on the interplay between channels, campaigns, applications and tactics.   Connected Measurement is the proper measurement attribution across channels and sources to effectively measure key performance indicators.  It is imperative to connect such KPI’s such as revenue and site traffic and apply them to drive specific success measures of tactics that embody the specific corporate goals such as  acquisition, retention and engagement.
  4. Let relevance guide every customer interaction. Whether it is outbound or inbound marketing, acquisition or retention, service, sales, online or off, relevance and the customer information that the connected company possesses must guide these interactions.  Relevance remains an imperative strategy and tactic as the marketer connects email to all of the digital direct channels and extends its value through offline commerce and social interactions. The consumer's demand for relevance does not change by channel and marketers must be well equipped to implement relevance empowering tactics across them.

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